About The Book 

Shared Table is a celebration of sharing food, but also of shared living. The book is photographed in friend’s houses across Brisbane. I want this book to be an ode to shared living and eating, for the images to evoke feelings of warmth and connection. I want them to capture the joy that is sitting around a table with your family or your mates, drinking and chatting over a lovely home cooked meal.

The recipes are all vegetarian, with lots of vegan options, with a focus on low waste and sustainability. I choose not to cook meat, primarily because of its impact on our environment. Reducing meat consumption is the single most effective way that we can reduce our individual carbon footprint. Even if you're a meat eater, I think that you will love this recipes, and they'll provide a source of encouragement to eat more meat-free meals.

My food is designed to be budget friendly, leftovers friendly, flexible, but above all, delicious. Ultimately, Shared Table is a food sharing bible, the thing to consult when you’re cooking for a crowd, or asked to bring a dish to share. The recipes can, of course, be used individually, but there’s no tiny portions of perfectly arranged food on huge white plates here. It is serve yourself fare, a celebration of sharing good food with those you love.