About The Book 

Shared Table is a self-published cookbook by Clare Scrine. It’s first run was released in December 2018.

To be re-released by Smith Street Books on September 1st in all good bookshops.

Photography and design by Savannah van der Niet

Styling by Issy Fitzsimons and Monika Correa

Additional design and editing by Jackson Lapsley-Scott


Shared Table features 60 recipes over eight chapters, each shot in share houses and public spaces around Brisbane (Meanjin). The recipes are all vegetarian, with lots of vegan options. My food focuses on minimising cost and waste, by using what you already have, cooking and in bulk, and utilising leftovers at every turn. Even if you're a meat eater, I think that you will love this recipes, and they'll provide a source of encouragement to eat more meat-free meals.

Shared Table is a food sharing bible, the thing to consult when you’re cooking for a crowd, or asked to bring a dish to share. The recipes can, of course, be used individually, but there’s no tiny portions of perfectly arranged food on huge beige plates here. It is often messy, but always delicious, serve-yourself fare, a celebration of sharing good food with those you love.