I’m 25 and live with five very dear friends in a big sharehouse in West End, Brisbane, Australia. I work in politics as a community organiser, advocating for social change and environmental justice. I am passionate about climate action and creating a world where people, and communities, are centred and prioritised above profits and greed.

When I'm not doing that work, I am probably cooking, thinking about food, or eating with friends and family.

Cooking has always been a side project, and a skill I mostly taught myself through almost two decades or making family dinners and sweet-treats for mates. For many years it was also the paid job that supported me through my studies. In those years working as a short-order cook and caterer I developed my passion into a craft. After years of writing recipes for my blog about cooking on a budget, the next big thing had to be a book.

The act of cooking for others has become my language of love, and has been a source of connection with people all around the world. I believe that food and community are inherently connected, and that social dinners around a big, shared table, are both the best platform to discuss the state of the world, and the best place to escape it.

You can keep up with what's cooking on my Instagram: @sharedtablecooking